• Therm 6600 F 16L Therm 6600 F 16L

    Therm 6600 F 16L

    博世独创锋尚设计 圆角设计,小巧机身,满足现代家庭的家居设计新理念 触摸屏设计 炫彩触摸屏,直观明晰,简单操作,科技造就轻松美好生活 德国ECU智能恒温 热水器重新启动后,微电脑自动按上次使用的设定温度进行工作,无需重复设置 开停水温升低 使用过程中,关闭水阀后在0~5Min内开启,水温无明显变化 一氧化碳浓度查询(选配) 通过CO探测器,适时监测室内CO浓度。并通过热水器显示屏,可以实时查询当前CO值,当环境中的有害及危险气体达到一定浓度,探测器自动开启声光报警并立即切断气源,打开热水器排风系统向室外持续排气直至有害气体或可燃气体浓度降至安全值。 实时水流量查询 通过热水器操作面板和显示屏,可以查询及时水流量 燃气消耗量查询 通过操作面板和显示屏,可以查询近期燃气消耗量 微电脑自适应设计 热水器使用5小时,ECU自动分析和记录进风系统和排烟系统的长度,自动调节助燃气体的流速及最佳燃烧功况 有线遥控器(选配) 最远可实现50米有线遥控。防水设计,可安装于浴室等潮湿环境。系统预留接口,最多可配置2个有线遥控器。取得有线控制权的线控器可对热水器进行温度设定和开关操作。非优先控制器可观察到热水器当前的工况信息 夏季小火,水温不烫 智能调控,夏季小火模式,无需调节,水温不烫,舒适沐浴

  • Therm 6800 F Therm 6800 F

    Therm 6800 F

    Multicolor options, Glass front panel ; User-friendly HMI

    Big volume hot water output (16L/min);Comfort thermostatic experience;Bathtub function

    Humanization design
    Gas consumption indication Intelligent memory; Self-adapting system; Wired controller;

    Multi-safety protections;
    CO alarm

  • Therm 6700 F Therm 6700 F

    Therm 6700 F

    Intelligent control, bathing as you wish

    User-friendly design。

    Comfort bathing experience

    Safety protection

    *Data source: Test report from China national gas appliance quality supervision and inspection center, report No. R17-XJ03068 and R17-WT03197
    **Only for 16L model

  • Therm 6600 F Therm 6600 F

    Therm 6600 F

    Therm 6600F,crafted from Germany, with exquisite design and user- friendly experience empowers families with modern beauty. From the CO detectation to pressure leakage examination, Therm 6600F secures every detail for your bathing. Microcomputer intelligent control system automatically sets the appropriate temperature based on personal bathing habits.

  • Therm 4800i S Therm 4800i S

    Therm 4800i S

    New Room seal flue type Gas Instantaneous Water Heater.

    • 100% import from Europe;
    • Known for luxury, performance and the very best technology;
    • Bluetooth connection;
    • Automatic water flow adaptation and best in class in temperature stability.

  • Condense Luxury Condense Luxury

    Condense Luxury

    Integrating advanced condensing technology and intelligent thermostatic system, this water heater’s heat efficiency is above 100% by the secondary heat exchanger, meanwhile, water servo valve makes the bathing very comfortable by temperature stable within 30 seconds.

    • European minimal design
    • Elegant appearance
    • Indoor wall hung solution Forced exhaust (fan pressurized)
    • National 1 energy level
    • Water servo valve adjust accurately
    • CO detector as standard
    • Remote controller is optional and gateways remaining
    • Anti-freeze type available

  • Comfort Luxury Comfort Luxury

    Comfort Luxury

    Thermostatic and intelligent control system, it adjusts water volume modulating by water servo technology according to the temperature set point, which makes bathing more comfortable. CO detector and its safety function take care of your safety actively. More convenient and fast control by remote controller, at most two remote controllers are possible to connect.

    • European design, excellent quality
    • Indoor wall hung solution
    • Forced exhaust (fan pressurized)
    • National 2 energy level
    • Anti freezing type available

  • Comfort Relax Comfort Relax

    Comfort Relax

    Intelligent and thermostatic system and advanced alloy water valve adjusts water volume. Safety functions and CO detection and alarm system make your bath more safe and comfortable.

    • European design, Excellent quality
    • Indoor wall hung solution
    • Forced exhaust (fan pressurized)
    • National 2 energy level
    • Anti freezing type available

  • Comfort Forever Comfort Forever

    Comfort Forever

    Intelligent and thermostatic system and it’s easy to adjust the water volume according to the different requirement in winter and summer. It makes the consumption of energy more economics and your bathing more comfortable.

    • Europe design style, reliable quality
    • Indoor wall hung solution
    • Forced exhaust(fan pressurized)
    • 2 energy level